Long-term development vision: 


Medium-term development plan: 

  • Actions for Palau‘s Future - The Medium-Term Development Strategy 2009-2014
  • Goal: A sustained and widespread improvement in general standards of living while preserving cultural and environmental values for the people of Palau.
  • Strategic priorities: 1. Preserving key values and advantages which are: The environment, Cultural values, Political stability, Public security and civil order, Effective relationships with development partners; 2. Achieving consensus for change through: Transparency and opportunities for consultation; 3. Addressing binding constraints to economic development which are: The expectation that someone else should pay for a wide array of government, reflected in a „lack of willingness to pay, work productively and support effective policies‟. Conflicts of interest that make it difficult to gain acceptance for and to implement effective governance arrangements and policies for the benefit of the community as a whole.


Other development plans:

Palau: National Infrastructure Investment Plan 2021-2030