22nd Steering Committee Meeting of the Global Partnership


SCM22 Meeting Summary


The 22nd meeting of the Global Partnership Steering Committee will take place on 15-16 December. 

Key Meeting Documents

  • Agenda (ENG, FR
  • HLM3 Roadmap (ENG, FR): Part 1 for Session 1 and Part 2 for Session IV 
  • GPEDC Review Report (ENG, FR) and Annexes | Co-Chair Response to Review for Session II (ENG, FR
  • Key Elements for a New Monitoring Proposal for the GPEDC HLM 2022 for Session III (ENG, FR)

Additional Documents

  • Funding Note (ENG, FR)
  • Action Area Register for Key Deliverables for HLM3 (ENG)
  • Summary of the Virtual Consultation Feedback (ENG, FR)
  • List of Participants (ENG)