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Business Call to Action Annual Forum 2022



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Business Call to Action’s 12th Annual Forum is approaching!

Taking place on the sidelines of the 77th Session of the UN General Assembly, this year’s Forum, with the theme “The Power of Collaboration: Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development”, will take place on 21stand 22nd September 2022, online.

The 12th Annual Forum, anchored on the power of collaboration, shines the spotlight on the potential of innovative public-private partnerships. Opening the space for dialogue, this event calls on business leaders, policymakers, experts, and development practitioners to assert their place at the nexus of inclusive and sustainable procurement and champion innovative publicprivate partnerships as a path towards stronger collaboration and more inclusive innovation.

This year’s Forum connects the dots and presents how BCtA takes the lead in implementing an integrated solution that effectively engages public and private actors for systemic change. This solution is based on four pillars: innovation-through-replication, inclusive procurement, impact measurement and management, and effective private sector engagement for development cooperation—the 12th Annual Forum’s thematic highlights seen below:

Session 1 - Innovative Public-Private Collaborations for Sustainable Development: Replicating inclusive business-to-government models (21st September, 09:00 EDT)

To reinforce governments’ capacities to address challenges posed by the impacts of Covid-19 and the effects of climate change, they must tap into existing support and best practices to drive inclusive innovation that allows the expansion of delivery of essential services while addressing pre-existing and emerging development gaps. Session 1 will showcase the potential of government-led inclusive innovation that collaborates with the private sector—to reach underserved population in developing countries while highlighting the power of business-to-government models in providing essential goods and services.

Session 2 - Inclusive Public Procurement: Enhancing MSME innovation uptake in public procurement processes (21st September, 11:00 EDT)

Session 2 will delve on the benefits and the challenges of enhancing MSME-based innovation uptake through inclusive public procurement principles and practices. Also The Power of Collaboration: Unlocking the Potential of Innovative Public-Private Partnerships for Sustainable Development 21-22 September 2022 on this session, learn about the seven strategies advanced for promoting inclusive public procurement.

Session 3 - Reshaping the Future through Integrated IMM (22nd September, 09:00 EDT)

As Impact Measurement and Management (IMM) is becoming a mainstream practice that encourages organizations of all sizes and sectors to plan for, frame, and measure their impact, Session 3 aims to discuss and share about the practical side of adopting IMM, and how these practices helped many organizations better understand their contributions towards achieving the SDGs.

Session 4 - Leaving No One Behind: Opportunities for effective private sector engagement in development co-operation (22nd September, 11:00 EDT)

Seeing the transformative power of effective private sector partnerships, Session 4 will see how we can amplify the call-to-action for implementing the Kampala Principles, a set of five mutually-reinforcing principles that provide a platform for effective development co-operation between private and public sector actors, fostering accountability, transparency, and trust.

On this session, learn in-depth knowledge about business practices and effective development co-operation multistakeholder partnerships.

Continuing the tradition of bringing together experts, specialists, and advocates on the field of inclusive and innovative business, and sustainable development, BCtA has invited speakers from within the UN system and from national governments and private institutions who have the capability to talk about their knowledge and experiences for each of the thematic sessions. Get to know our speakers by visiting the 12th Annual Forum Speakers’ Gallery.