Multi-stakeholder dialogue is an important vehicle to bring to the table the voices of people that might otherwise be marginalized from broad development agendas. Through access to multi-stakeholder dialogue, civil society organisations (CSOs) can furthermore share their invaluable insights and experiences and influence development policies and processes. As such, access to multi-stakeholder dialogue is a key component of the CSO enabling environment.

In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, traditional in-person dialogues have either been greatly limited or completely replaced by digital dialogues. But what is the effect of digitalisation on the experience and effectiveness of multi-stakeholder dialogues? Do digital dialogues evolve into digital partnerships? Is there anything CSOs need to do differently to engage effectively and transparently in online dialogues? Are digital multi-stakeholder dialogues able to be meaningful, that is, institutionalised, accessible and inclusive?

Key objectives:

  • Emphasize the important role of meaningful multi-stakeholder dialogues for a CSO enabling environment and as a basis for meaningful multi-stakeholder partnerships.

  • Explore the possible impacts of digitalization on civic space and multi-stakeholder dialogues. The OECD will provide an overview of plausible outcomes from the Foresight Policy Paper on “Digital transformation and the futures of civic space to 2030.”

  • Present country experiences on challenges and opportunities for CSO engagement in digital multi-stakeholder dialogues 

  • Gather some lessons learnt and good practices for meaningful digital multi-stakeholder dialogues. The Task Team will showcase its online interactive guidance and virtual workshops as a positive solution for continued information dissemination and multi-stakeholder partnerships for CSO development effectiveness and enabling environment through virtual means.


Webinar Programme


A. Welcome
Vitalice Meja (Global Partnership)
B. Opening remarks
Josefina Villegas (CPDE)
C. Setting the scene: an overview of plausible futures - Presentation of new OECD paper on 'Digital transformation and the futures of civic space to 2030'
Marilyn Cham (OECD - DCD)
D. Experiences on the ground: Digital partnerships in times of COVID-19
Modibo Makalou (Government of Mali)
Richard Ssewakiryanga (CPDE) 
E. Good practices, guidance and tools
Sanne Huesken (Task Team Secretariat)
F. Discussion and Q&A
For all participants 
G. Closing remarks
Diego López González (ITUC)