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Development co-operation policy:   

  • NA


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):   


Development co-operation reports:   

  •  NA 


Development cooperation mechanisms:   



Level and actors   

Objectives and related policies   

 High Inter-ministerial Steering Committee 


  • Governments (chaired by Prime Minister) 
  • Multi-stakeholder (the trade unions, human rights associations, religious groups, universities, research insititutes, etc.) 


Different stakeholders meet with government institutions once a year to provide guidance at the strategic and operational level. 

 Technical Steering Committee 


  • Governments (chaired by Ministry in charge of planning) 
  • Multi-stakeholders (state/partners committee, CSOs, the private sector etc.) 


 The TSC is placed under the authority of the HCIO and oversights several subbodies which are occupied with monitoring and evaluation, research, state/partnership committee as well as civil society organisations and private sector.