Long-term development vision:  

  • Vision 2030 – The Chad We Want
    • Vision: Chad, a peaceful nation, unified in its cultural diversity, resilient through its transformed economy, and offering a pleasant living environment for all.
    • Two key objectives: (1) consolidate the foundations of good governance and the rule of law while strengthening cohesion at the national level, (2) create the conditions for sustainable development
    • Four pillars: (1) strengthening national unity, (2) strengthening good governance and the rule of law, (3) developing a diversified and competitive economy, (4) improving the quality of life of the Chadian population


Medium-term development plan:  

  • National Development Plan (PND) 2017-2021
    • Closely aligned to the four pillars of the Vision 2030
    • Three main objectives: (1) work for a Chad at peace, respected and involved in its regional and international environment; ii) give every citizen the possibility of access to water and health, housing, energy and mobility; and iii) build a dynamic, economically strong and environmentally friendly Chad


Other development plans: 

  •  NA