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Development policy:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (MFA) mandate is to lead, co-ordinate and oversee the delivery of the Czech Republic’s official development assistance.The Czech Development Agency is a state organisation under the authority of the MFA. 


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The Czech Republic provided USD 361.7 million of ODA in 2021, representing 0.13% of GNI. This was an increase of 7.8% in real terms in volume but represented no change in share of GNI from 2020. ODA relative to GNI has stayed stable at comparatively low levels since 2018, following a peak in 2017 (0.15%). The Czech Republic is not on track to meet its commitment to reach 0.33% of GNI by 2030 as part of the collective EU commitments to achieve a 0.7% ODA/GNI ratio by 2030. The Czech Republic provided all of its ODA as grants in 2020.  

The Czech Republic ranked 28th among Development Assistance Committee (DAC) member countries in relation to its ODA/GNI ratio in 2021. In 2020, the Czech Republic was the DAC member with the highest core contributions to multilateral organisations, notably through its contributions to the EU budget. It had one of the highest shares of bilateral ODA provided to and through civil society organisations (CSOs) (35.7% in 2020), as well as a high share of ODA commitments for humanitarian assistance (26.1%). A high share of Czech ODA is tied.



Global Partnership monitoring trend

Click here for a snapshot of Czech Republic's results from the two most recent Global Partnership monitoring rounds (2018 and 2016). The Global Partnership monitoring process and framework have been revised, and the new round will take place from 2023 to 2026. This profile will be updated periodically as new data is generated by the monitoring exercise. 

DAC Performance and Trends - 2019 GPEDC Progress Report



The 2019 OECD-DAC mid-term review found that the Czech Republic is focusing its limited bilateral resources on fewer sectors and countries and is updating its rules and procedures for both development and humanitarian programming. It has introduced a new tool to integrate better cross-cutting issues into its programmes, is starting to link bilateral and multilateral partnerships at the country level, and is strengthening its evaluation system. It noted room for improvement in terms of increasing the ODA budget, increasing funding predictability, and addressing human resource and capacity constraints. The Czech Republic’s next peer review is planned for 2023.   

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