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Development co-operation policy:  

National Development Effectiveness Plan 

Pillars: it recognizes  need to strengthen all types of actor for a more effective development co-operation and establish objectives based on lessons learnt divided by the four principles, ownership, transparency, focus on results, and partnerships. 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):  

The Information System on Cooperation for the Development of El Salvador (SICDES) 

  • SICDES is a portal that contributes to the transparency and effectiveness of cooperation in the country, including a culture of government based on accountability, open to citizens and cooperating partners for national development. It allows any user to find out about the flows of cooperation that the country receives and grants, its distribution and the use that is given to it. 


Development co-operation reports:  

Second Measurement Report National Effectiveness Plan El Salvador 2012-2017 

  • The general objective of the two measurement processes that have been carried out since 2012 has been to support mutual accountability and demonstrate the improvement of the effectiveness of cooperation at the national level with respect to the fulfillment of the commitments established in the PNEC. 

Work report 2021-2022 – vice presidency of the republic  


Development cooperation mechanisms: