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Long-term development vision:

Liberia National Vision 2030

Vision is based on “ONE PEOPLE, ONE NATION, UNITED FOR SUSTAINABLE PEACE AND DEVELOPMENT” principle. The vision is based on three main aspects: 

  1. A people-centered approach according to which the future will depend on who Liberians are and what history has made of them.
  2. The future that people build will depend on the plans they form, explicitly or implicitly, which seek to be inclusive of stakeholders, consultations, aspirations and related strategies. 
  3. The vision will consider external factors beyond the control of the Liberians. They include natural factors (such as climate change) and factors determined by other human communities (such as strategies of other producers of mineral resources, or commodities, or FDI providers) or even human communities (such as technological progress).

Medium-term development plan:

Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development(PAPD[YA1] )

The Pro-Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development 2018 to 2023 (PAPD) is the second in the series of 5-year National Development Plans (NDP) anticipated under the Liberia Vision 2030 framework. The fundamentals underpinning the PAPD are: i) Liberia is rich in human and natural resources; but ii) is deprived of development largely because its human capital lacks the knowledge to transform the natural resources into wealth


Other development plans:

Liberia National Adaptation Plan

Agenda for Transformation

 [YA1]I moved this from other development plan to here. I think this is the mid-term development plan.