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Development co-operation policy: 

  • NA

Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

  • Mauritania Development Assistant Database DAD implemented by Synergy PFM
    • The Mauritanian government’s one-stop-shop information system on all external assistance projects and activities funded by development partners. It will serve as a database, capture and reporting system for the Mauritanian government, donors and society for managing and monitoring external assistance and public investment projects.


Development co-operation reports: 

  • National report on the implementation of Istanbul Action Program for LDCs
    • This report contains information and analysis on the progress made in Mauritania in implementing the Program of Action for the Least Developed Countries for the Decade 2011-2020 (Istanbul Program of Action). It covers the eight priority action areas of the program as well as its overarching objective, which is to ensure the reclassification of Mauritania.

Development cooperation mechanisms: 

  • NA