Long-term development vision: 

Nauru’s National Sustainable Development Strategy 2019-2030

  • Main Vision: achieving a sustainable quality of life for all the people of Nauru where the people can fulfil their capabilities.
  • Seven Pillars in order to achieve the long-term development vision:
    • Stable, trustworthy, fiscally responsible government 
    • Access to quality education, formal and non-formal 
    • Improved health and well-being 
    • Provision of enhanced social, infrastructure and utilities services 
    • Development of an economy based on multiple sources of revenue 
    • Enhance resilience against the impacts of climate change that is inclusive of rehabilitating and restoring degraded lands 
    • Development of domestic food production for food security

Medium-term development plan:

  • The Long-term plan is evaluated and updated every five years and serves as well as medium-term development plan.

Other development plans:

National Sustainable Development Strategy 2005-2025