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Development policy:

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade is responsible for the majority of New Zealand’s ODA (96.9%), with the remainder delivered by other government ministries and agencies.





New Zealand provided USD 681.0 million of ODA in 2021, representing 0.28% of GNI. This was an increase of 13.8% in real terms in volume and an increase in share of GNI from 2020. The government announced in 2018 that ODA would increase to 0.28% of GNI over the period to 2021-22. While it met this target, New Zealand is not in line with international commitments to achieve a 0.7% ODA/GNI ratio. New Zealand provided all of its ODA as grants in 2020.  

New Zealand ranks 17th among Development Assistance Committee (DAC) countries in terms of ODA to GNI ratio. While ODA has increased steadily over the past decade, New Zealand’s ODA to GNI ratio has remained at or below 0.28%. In accordance with its geographic focus, New Zealand has the largest share of ODA to SIDS and to Oceania among DAC countries and a high share of country programmable aid. 


Global Partnership monitoring trend

Click here for a snapshot of New Zealand's results from the two most recent Global Partnership monitoring rounds (2018 and 2016). The Global Partnership monitoring process and framework have been revised, and the new round will take place from 2023 to 2026. This profile will be updated periodically as new data is generated by the monitoring exercise.

DAC Performance and Trends - 2019 GPEDC Progress Report



A 2018 OECD-DAC mid-term review of New Zealand’s development co-operation praised its solutions-based, whole-of-government approach to sustainable development in the Pacific, as well as its efforts to progress policy coherence for sustainable development. It encouraged New Zealand to clarify how its development co-operation will be inclusive, equitable and leave no one behind, and noted the need for a more transparent approach to its development co-operation. The next OECD-DAC peer review is due to commence in 2022.