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This dialogue discussed how the region can move towards a renewed model of sustainable and inclusive development. It took the principles of effective development co-operation as a frame of reference to discuss how to support national development objectives, as well as regional and international efforts to advance the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. 

Key Messages from the Session 

  • The regional session enabled a multi-stakeholder dialogue among Latin American countries, regional organizations and various development actors, reflecting on the challenges to strengthen the effectiveness agenda in the region in the current context of post-pandemic recovery and the commitment towards the implementation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. Panelists recognized that in order to ensure effective development co-operation at the country level, it must be led by the government, with greater dialogue, enhanced coordination, consensus and transparency, working together with important sectors such as academia, private sector, civil society, social movements, and key development co-operation partners.
  • The place of Middle Income Countries (MICs) in the international co-operation system needs to be reformulated. Beyond the needs persisting within and among MICs, a focus is needed on the contributions that these countries make towards sustainable development, supporting partner countries through South-South and Triangular Co-operation and through policies addressing the needs of the most vulnerable groups. It is important to promote an enhanced co-operation scheme with MICs, aimed at greater investment in social services and the promotion of economic opportunities. This requires a revitalization of regional and global multilateralism, accompanied by a reflection on the current development model, based on measurements and graduation criteria that do not respond to the multidimensional socio-economic gaps. Therefore, it is essential to promote a revitalized partnership for effective development co-operation that considers elements such as country graduation, coordination with key partners on financing for development mechanisms, and capacity building through South-South and Triangular Co-operation.
  • The regional perspective is decisive to move forward, to balance our deficiencies and to be able to invite the private sector on board, as a partner with social responsibility, which must work hand in hand with governments, to promote economic and social development processes. The integration of the private sector, as a strategic partner committed to its social responsibility, is vital in order to diversify the sources of financing, but above all, to work together towards the contextualized development priorities of the countries in the region.

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Key Terms: South-South Co-operation, financing, (international) co-operation, pandemic