At the 22nd meeting of the Global Partnership Steering Committee, members finalised their plans and ambitions for the ‘2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit’, the next High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership after Mexico City (2014)Nairobi (2016) and the most recent Senior-Level Meeting in New York (2019)


Scheduled to take place at the SDG halftime on 12-14 December 2022 in Geneva, Switzerland (hybrid event) hosted by the Global Partnership Co-Chair Switzerland, the Summit is an opportunity to drive urgent action and show how development effectiveness can help accelerate progress towards the 2030 Agenda in an era of pandemics, economic shocks and climate disasters. The next High-Level Meeting will show how the “principles of effectiveness are relevant to the issues of our time”, said H.E. Mr. Thomas Gass (GPEDC Co-Chair, Switzerland).


Moving from commitments to action on more effective development co-operation at the country level, the 25-member Steering Committee called on their constituencies’ support in actively engaging in the road to the 2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit’ - a series of strategic activities throughout the year in the run up to the Summit. Members reiterated their commitment to build political momentum and bring Ministers to the Meeting one year from now.


Members agreed that the Summit will result in a concise, action-oriented, yet inclusive and political outcome that rallies global leaders around honoring and implementing the effectiveness principles in a changing operating environment.


Members agreed on the importance of demonstrating how the effectiveness principles, applied in today’s contexts and across different priorities, can help development actors with pragmatic solutions to challenges, in particular at country level. To that end, Steering Committee members highlighted different priorities – from climate to fragility, from COVID-response to different delivery channels and partnerships – and noted that new country-level evidence from Action Areas and Action Dialogues will be launched at the Summit.


Members also agreed on an approach and timeline to ensure a new monitoring proposal is ready for endorsement at the Summit, paving the way for resumption of the next monitoring round in early 2023. Mr. Vitalice Meja (GPEDC Co-Chair) stressed that the new take on monitoring will allow countries to not only monitor development co-operation more effectively, but also open an avenue beyond gathering data and towards multi-stakeholder dialogue, action and behavioral change to achieve more effective development co-operation. Members lauded the inclusive consultation process that has informed the ongoing development of the monitoring proposal. 


In response to the independent review of the Global Partnership, Steering Committee members also decided on prioritising and further refining six responses to the review recommendations to improve the Partnership’s delivery on its mandate and functioning to keep the platform ‘fit for purpose’. This includes better anchoring the Global Partnership at the country level by institutionalizing Action Dialogues, advancing the reform of the GPEDC monitoring, and strengthening and adapting governance arrangements. 


In closing, H.E. Mr. Christian Mwando Nsimba (GPEDC Co-Chair, Democratic Republic of Congo) highlighted that the commitment to the Road to the Summit will be crucial “to mobilize old friends and new players”


The OECD and UNDP, as co-hosts of the Global Partnership, will continue to support the Co-Chairs and the Steering Committee in preparing for the Summit. 


More information on the upcoming Summit and other key events in the Road to Summit will be available shortly. For questions or concerns regarding the Summit, e-mail To access Steering Committee documents, click here