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The 23rd Meeting of the Steering Committee took place on 15-16 December 2021. All meeting documents can be found here and a summary of the meeting below and attached.

The Steering Committee has:

[Outcome Document] 

  • Agreed that members consult their constituencies on the zero draft Outcome Document, express interest in the drafting group and raise awareness of the key messages in different settings.


  • Approved the new monitoring framework and process for endorsement at the Summit, provided inputs on monitoring-related commitments for the Summit Outcome Document, and welcomed the inclusion of the Kampala Principles Assessment (KPA) in the monitoring framework as an opportunity to encourage stakeholders engaged in private sector engagement to track progress at country level, calling for streamlining its draft metrics in an inclusive manner. 

[Conclusion of 2020-22 GPEDC Work Programme] 

  • Endorsed the Bern Call to Action on Effective Support to National Statistical Systems and Data for Development, welcomed continued work on an assessment framework to track the effectiveness of South-South Cooperation and encouraged all Action Areas to finalise their outcomes well ahead of the Summit 

[New governance arrangements]

  • Agreed with the proposed updated roles and responsibilities for the Steering Committee members and Co-Chairs as input for corresponding TORs, welcomed the contours of a new GPEDC delivery model and agreed to advance work on this in September-October to further clarify its practical and resource implications.