This publication intends to contribute to the work programme of GPEDC Action Area 2.3 on  “Supporting country-led development effectiveness of SSC”. 

In particular, it seeks to examine how various policy aspects of effectiveness can be, or are being applied in the context of assessing the effectiveness of SSC, while looking to spark a discussion on what Southern actors could consider when practically developing SSC assessment systems with a view to enhancing the effectiveness of SSC. The paper looks at multidimensional aspects of SSC effectiveness and examines southern efforts to assess SSC effectiveness in the context of the four effectiveness principles, namely, country ownership, a focus on results, inclusive partnerships, and transparency and mutual accountability. 

The main objective of the research piece is to contribute to the knowledge base concerning SSC assessment methodologies – as one of the substantive components of the work programme of GPEDC AA2.3 conducted between 2020-2022.