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Predictable, fair and sufficient domestic public revenues are the bedrock of country-owned sustainable development pathways. Supporting countries’ tax capacity yields hundred-fold returns in mobilised tax revenue which contribute to SDG achievement. This session made the case for sustained investments in effective multi-stakeholder approaches to strengthen countries’ tax systems as a critical enabler to achieve the SDGs. 

Key Messages from the Session 

  • The session highlighted the importance of global co-operation and peer learning among key players in international tax to achieve fairer and more effective tax systems, reducing countries’ reliance on international aid and debt.
  • An effective way to enhance tax compliance and strengthen the social contract is to provide, for instance through tax education, more information to citizens on how the tax payers’ money is spent – demonstrating what citizens receive in return for their tax payments.
  • Nowadays, we observe increasing tax avoidance schemes in different sectors, including telecoms and extractives. As such, assistance by Tax Inspectors Without Borders could be beneficial for partner countries to effectively tax multinational enterprises and ensure they pay their fair share of tax.

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