Development co-operation policy:

Development Cooperation Framework (2014/15 - 2024/25)

  • Overall aim: Contribution to sustainable development and poverty reduction in line with Tanzania Development Vision 2025 and Zanzibar Vision 2020
    • consolidating and coordinating joint efforts of Government and Development Cooperation Partners (DCPs)
    • supporting the process of exiting from ODA by strengthening Governments’ capacity to mobilize resources
    • analyze potential investments opportunities and optimize returns from both regional and international markets.
  • Key objectives:
    • Strengthen national ownership and government leadership in development cooperation
    • ensure effective coordination in development cooperation
    • managing resources for development results
    • strengthen both domestic and mutual accountabilities
    • graduate from the aid dependency through increasing trade and investments



Aid Information Management System (AIMS):

  • ODA was reported through the Aid Management Platform (AMP) (the link to the AMP on the website of the Development Partners Group does not work currently.


Development co-operation reports:


Development cooperation mechanisms:


MechanismLevel and actorsObjectives and related policies
Policy Dialogue/Development Cooperation Forum

National level

  • National government
  • Multi-stakeholders
Discusses national development issues aligned to sector and thematic priorities as outlined in national plans and strategies
Sector level dialogues

National level

  • National government
  • Multi-stakeholders
To marshal engagement of Development Partners with respective sectors in discussing technical issues for development cooperation effectiveness 
Monitoring and evaluation of the Development Cooperation

National level

  • National government
  • Multi-stakeholders


Joint monitoring and evaluation: governments and DCPs undertaking joint review 

Assessment by Independent Monitoring Group (IMG): government and development stakeholders jointly commissioning an IMG to undertake assessments of the performance of the government and DCPs (every three to five years)