Long-term development vision:


  • Vision: to achieve middle income status by 2025
  • Pillars: a) High quality livelihood; b) Peace, stability and unity; c) Good governance; d) A well educated and learning society; and e) A competitive economy capable of producing sustainable growth and shared benefits.

Zanzibar Development Vision 2050

  • Vision: Transforming Zanzibar by the year 2020 through an unprecedented socio-economic transformation and development to achieve middle income status; characterized by increasing levels of industrialization, competitiveness, quality livelihoods and good governance and rule of law; and having in place an educated and pro-learning society with distinct culture and values.
  • Pillars: Economic transformation, Human Capital, Infrastructure, Governance and resilience

Medium-term development plan:

  • Five Year Development Plan III (2021/22 – 2025/26)
  • Development priorities: 
    • semi-industrialized, middle-income country by 2025
    • competitiveness and productivity in all sectors, strengthening the industrial economy as basis for export-driven growth
    • strengthening Tanzania’s regional position as hub for production, trade, supply and transportation, inclusive economic growth, integrate regional and global agreements into national development
    • strengthening relationship between natural resource sectors and other sectors
    • strengthening Local Government Authorities (LGAs), effective public expenditure management. 


Other development plans: