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  Long-term development plan:

Vision 2030 

  • Vision: By 2030, Zambians, aspire to live in a strong and dynamic middle-income industrial nation that provides opportunities for improving the well-being of all, embodying values of socio-economic justice.
  • Vision 2030 is underpinned by the principles of gender-responsive sustainable development, democracy, respect for human rights, good traditional and family values, positive attitude towards work, peaceful coexistence, and private-public partnerships.
  • Vision 2030 outlines long-term paths of socioeconomic indicators and possible long-term alternative development policy scenarios. It steers the direction of national short- and medium-term plans.
  • It presents challenges, goals, and strategies to achieve the national vision. The strategies are presented in three development scenarios: the baseline, the preferred, and the optimistic.

Medium-term development plan:  

Eighth National Development Plan (2022-2026) 

The five-year plan sets the main priority of “Socioeconomic Transformation for Improved Livelihoods”. Four strategic development areas are defined to address socioeconomic challenges in the country:  

  1. Economic transformation and job creation
  2. Human and social development
  3. Environmental sustainability
  4. Good governance environment.

Other development plans: N.A.