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Development co-operation policy:

Long-term Development Strategy for Angola (Angola 2025) - Vol. I

  • The section V.5 contains "Drivers and Actors of Development" including description on roles of non-state actors


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 



Development co-operation reports: 

Development Agenda Baseline Indicators Report

  • To monitor and evaluate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the 47th session of the United Nations Statistical Commission (UNSC) approved in 2016 a set of 244 Indicators, which were adjusted at the 48th UNSC in March 2017.


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
Multilateral Partnership Mechanisms

International level

  • Multi-stakeholder (Ministry of Economy and Planning, EU, AfDB, EIB, World Bank)
Goal: Strengthening the coordination of partnerships for development follows international guidelines and commitments on financing for development that place aid effectiveness at the center of the debate.