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Long-term development vision:

Long-term Development Strategy for Angola (Angola 2025) - Vol. I

Long-term Development Strategy for Angola (Angola 2025) - Vol. II

  • Vision: The long term strategy for Angola in 2025, seeks to incorporate in a consistent and coherent manner the various comments and criticisms that were produced on the working papers and in the different panels, seminars and preparatory meetings for the elaboration of the strategy.
  • Pillars:
    1. Ensuring development stabilization, reforms, social cohesion and democracy
    2. Promote the expansion of employment and human, scientific and technological development
    3. Recover and develop development support infrastructures
    4. Promote the development of the economic and financial sectors and competitiveness 
    5. Support the development of entrepreneurship and the private sector
    6. Promote national cohesion and territorial development


Medium-term development plan:

National Development Plan (2018-2022)

  • The NDP has a prospective, multi-year character, covers the national, sectorial, and provincial planning levels, and implements the long-term strategic options for the country's long-term development.


Other development plans: