Development co-operation policy: 

Benin 2025: 

  • Overall Aim:  

The strategy of promoting an active diplomacy of proximity and international cooperation, presented in the Benin 2025 strategy plan, aims a modification of the relations of force to at least change the balance of power.  

  • Key objectives:  

  • reducing dependence and domination 

  • further assert national sovereignty 

  • advance regional national sovereignty and integration 

  • minimize threats and take better advantage of opportunities 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 

  • NA


Development co-operation reports: 



Development cooperation mechanisms: 



Level and actors 

Objectives and related policies 

The Government-Partnership Development Committee (CGPAD) 


  • Government 


  • Development partners 

To ensure the ongoing dialogue with the PNUD 

The Technical Steering and Monitoring Committee (CTPS) 


  • President of the DGPD 

  • Vize-President of the ST/CSPEF 

The technical steering committee is responsible for the technical monitoring of the implementation of the PND. 

The National Orientation Council (CNO) 


  • Members of the government 

  • Members of civil society 

  • Private-sector representatives 

  • President of the Republic 

The CNO is the highest authority of the steering mechanism for the implementation of the NDP.  

Directorate General of Development Policies (DGPD) 


  • four Thematic Working Groups 

  • the Sectoral Committees (CS) 

  • Departmental Development Committees (CDP) 

The DGPD provides the technical secretariat for the Technical Committee of the PND monitoring mechanism and supports the progress and impact of the Monitoring Framework (CSPE) for the implementation of the PND.