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Long-term development vision:



Medium-term development plan:

National Strategy for Sustainable Development of the Republic Belarus (up to 2035)

  • Goal: The strategic goal of the sustainable development of the Republic of Belarus is to achieve high standards of quality of life and social well-being through the development of potential and equal opportunities for each person, ensuring decent work and high incomes of the population, conservation of natural systems for current and future generations.
  • Priorities:
    1. Creation of decent jobs, ensuring equal opportunities at any age
    2. Digitization of the country, widespread introduction of innovation and quality education
    3. Sustainable development of the family institution, the potential of children and youth
    4. Creation of sustainable infrastructure, comfortable and competitive business environment
    5. Ensuring environmental safety base don the development of a green economy, rational models of production and consumption


Other development plans:

National Development Action Plan: "Green" Economy in the Republic of Belarus for 2021-2025

  • Goal: The strategic goal of the implementation of the National Plan is the development of an inclusive, smart and digital "green" economy that contributes to the achievement of economic growth
  • Principles: sustainable development, inclusiveness, inter-sectorality, innovation, eco-efficiency and sufficiency, resource reservation, waste management, increase competitiveness 

National Strategy for Sustainable Socio-Economic Development of the Republic of Belarus (until 2030)

  • Goal: Toward the transition of the Republic of Belarus to a post-industrial society and innovative development of the economy while guaranteeing the comprehensive development of the individual, improving human life standards and ensuring a favorable environment
  • Objectives: increase country's gross domestic product, introducing the principles of "green economy" into production, forming a high-tech sector and advancing the development of the service sector, providing maximum opportunities for the realization of a person's personal potential