Long-term development vision: 

Bénin 2025 (published in 2000): 

  • Eight strategic objectives have been formulated in order to realize Benin’s vision for 2025 to become a flagship country, well-governed, united, peaceful, prosperous, economically competitive country with cultural influence and social welfare 


Medium-term development plan: 

National Development Plan 2018-2025 

  • Four Strategic objectives: 

1. Develop a competent and competitive human capital 

2. Increase the productivity and competitiveness of the Beninese economy in a sustainable manner 

3. Guarantee the sustainable management of the living environment, the environment, and the emergence of regional development poles 

4. Strengthen the rule of law and good governance 


Other development plans: 

Government Action Programme 2021-2026 (PAG) 

  • Main Goal of the Action Programme is the acceleration of the social and economic development in Benin. 

Programme d’Actions du Governement 2016-2021