Long-term development vision:  

Formulation project for: Comprehensive Development Plan for Bhutan 2030 

A vision for CNDP is based on the Constitution of the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is for a time horizon of 2030. It draws its framework from Vision Document-Bhutan 2020, the principles of Gross National Happiness and other policy documents. It also endeavours to bring together the policies, programs, strategies and plans of the country 


Medium-term development plan:  

12th Five-Year-Plan (2018-2023) 

Vision: The main goal of the plan is to create a just, harmonious and sustainable society through enhanced decentralization. 


Other development plans: 

Strategic Development Plan (2019-2023) 

Vision: To achieve the Kingdom of Bhutan’s overarching goal of Gross National Happiness enshrined in the Constitution through an inclusive and a vibrant democracy and to effectively carry out legislative, scrutiny, oversight and representational functions to fulfill the aspirations of the Bhutanese people.