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Development co-operation policy:

Supreme Decree No. 29272

  • It states that "The programming of the economic development of the country will be carried out in the exercise and pursuit of national sovereignty. The State will periodically formulate the general economic and social development plan of the Republic, the execution of which will be mandatory. This planning will include the state, mixed and private sectors of the national economy.


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 



Development co-operation reports: 

Management Report 2018


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
Subsystem of Public Investment and External Financing for Integral Development (SIPFE)

National level

  • Governments
  • Development stakeholders

Coordinated and organized based on a Five-Year Budget by the Ministry of Planning for Development (MPD) through the Vice Ministry of Public Investment and External Financing, for the allocation of resources for development and public investment.


Law No. 777 of the Integral State Planning System 

National Public Investment System