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Long-term development vision:

Patriotic Agenda 2025 - General Economic and Social Development Plan for Living Well (PDGES) of Bolivia

  • Vision: Building a society and a more inclusive, participatory, democratic state, without discrimination, racism, hatred or division
  • Pillars
    1. Eradication of extreme poverty
    2. Socialization and universalization of basic services with sovereignty to live well
    3. Health, education and sport for the formation of an integral human being
    4. Scientific and technological sovereignty with its own identity
    5. Financial community sovereignty without servility to financial capitalism
    6. Productive sovereignty with diversification and comprehensive development without the dictatorship of the capitalist market
    7. Sovereignty over our natural resources with nationalization, industrialization and commercialization in harmony and balance with Mother Earth
    8. Food sovereignty through the construction of knowing how to eat to Live Well
    9. Environmental sovereignty with integral development, respecting the rights of Mother Earth
    10. Complementary integration of peoples with sovereignty
    11. Sovereignty and transparency in public management under the principles of not stealing, not lying and not being lazy
    12. Enjoyment and full happiness of our parties, our music, our rivers, our jungle, our mountains, our snow-capped mountains, our clean air, our dreams
    13. Sovereign reunion with our joy, happiness, prosperity and our sea


Medium-term development plan:

Economic and Social Development Plan (PDES) 2021-2025

  • The PDES 2021-2025 "Rebuilding the Economy to Live Well, Towards Industrialization with Import Substitution" is constituted in the medium-term plan of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The plan is organized in ten Strategic Axes articulated with the 13 pillars of the Patriotic Agenda of the Bicentennial 2025:
    1. Rebuilding the economy, retaking macroeconomic and social stability
    2. Industrialization with import substitution
    3. Food security with sovereignty, promotion of 3.3. exports with added value and tourism development
    4. Deepening of the natural resources industrialization process
    5. Education, research, science and technology for the strengthening and development of productive capacities and potentialities
    6. Health and sports to protect life with comprehensive care in times of pandemic
    7. Judicial reform, digitized and transparent public management; comprehensive security and defense with national sovereignty
    8. Sustainable and balanced environment in harmony with Mother Earth
    9. Integration and international relations with sovereignty
    10. Cultures, decolonization and depatriarchalizing, for the Cultural Democratic Revolution


Other development plans:

Urban and Territorial Planning Plan (POUT)

  • These are planning instruments for urban areas, that aim to regulate urban growth through i) the definition of urban land uses and settlement patterns, ii) the establishment of guidelines for urban planning and urban intervention strategies, to establish an articulated programming of projects in the short, medium and long term

Urban Intervention Plans (PIU) of Bolivia

  • The Urban Intervention Plan (PIU) are the instruments for the implementation and execution of the Urban and Territorial Planning Plan (POUT), which contain comprehensive interventions for road infrastructure, housing, equipment, basic service networks and public services in the areas of urban intervention defined in the urban proposal areas of the POUT.

Municipal Development Plan (PDM)

  • The Municipal Development Plan (PDM) is a municipal participatory planning instrument, in which are the set of rules that establish procedures, operations, technical and administrative definitions and the institutional framework for the the municipal development planning process and the performance of roles and functions of the actors involved.