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Annex 1: Monitoring Questionnaire

GPEDC • 23 January 2023

This Annex comprises all questions that different stakeholders will be responding to, as part of the Global Partnership monitoring exercise. (Please note that the questionnaire for the Kampala Principles Assessment can be found in Annex 2.) This Annex is divided into two sub-annexes (download each separately below): 

  1. Annex 1.1 GPEDC Monitoring Questionnaire

  2. Annex 1.2 GPEDC Monitoring Questionnaire (fragility adaptation) - for fragile contexts and conflict-affected situations that have opted - and informed the JST accordingly during the inception phase - to use an adapted version of the monitoring questionnaire to capture elements that they consider relevant to their context. Additional information on the fragility adaptation can be found in the Main Guide (Box 2 of Part 1)

Click here to see the questionnaires in French and Spanish