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Guidance for 4th Global Partnership Monitoring Round (2023-2026)

GPEDC • 22 January 2023

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The Global Partnership’s flagship instrument - the monitoring exercise - is a globally recognised source of evidence on multi-stakeholder action for more effective development co-operation. Following a comprehensive reform, the renewed Global Partnership monitoring, launched at the 2022 Effective Development Co-operation Summit, is set to drive accountability on the effectiveness commitments - with enhanced focus on a country-anchored process to encourage inclusive and evidence-based dialogue on results and enable behaviour change.   

This page serves as the repository of guidance for partner countries and other stakeholders undertaking the 4th round of the Global Partnership monitoring exercise (2023-2026). Please refer to the table of contents on the right-hand side of this page to access the Main Guide and Annexes that comprise this guidance package.  

Please find further details on the status of country participation on the Global Dashboard on Effective Development Co-operation.  

For any queries, please contact the OECD-UNDP Joint Support Team Helpdesk:  

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