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Long-term development vision: 

Cameroon Vision 2035  

  • Development priorities
    1. Reducing poverty to minimal levels
    2. Becoming a middle-income country
    3. Becoming a newly industrialized country
    4. Consolidating democracy and enhancing national unity

Medium-term development plan: 

Cameroon National Development Strategy 2020-2030 (NDS30) (from 2020 until 2030) 

  • Development priorities:
    1. Establish conditions favorable to economic growth and accumulation of national wealth and ensure that the structural changes indispensable for the industrialization of the country
    2. Improve on the living conditions of the population and their access to basic social services by ensuring a significant reduction in poverty and underemployment
    3. Strengthen climate change adaptation and mitigate the effects of climate change and ensure environmental management that assures sustainable and inclusive economic growth and social development
    4. Improve governance to enhance policy performance towards achieving development goals

Other development plans