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Long-term development vision:

Cape Verde - Ambition 2030

  • The vision aims to:
    1. Mobilize Cape Verdean society and build consensus on strategic guidelines for sustainable development in Cape Verde, through studies and thematic debates focusing on sustainable development
    2. Promote the alignment of the main actors of sustainable development on the main strategic guidelines 
    3. Prioritize, by national consensus, the SDGs and national and regional targets, adopting the accelerators


Medium-term development plan:

Strategic Plan for Sustainable Development 2017-2021

  • Vision: The PEDS provides the country with an integrated vision which, if implemented in full, will bring about the structural transformations required for long term sustainable development and resilience
  • Pillars:
    1. Making Cabo Verde a Circular Economy in the Middle Atlantic
    2. Guarantee sustainable economic development
    3. Assure social inclusion and reduce inequalities
    4. Strengthen democracy, justice and international diplomacy, and engage the diaspora


Other development plans:

  • Government Programme for the IX Legislature (2016-2021)
  • National Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction and Disaster Recovery Framework
    • The National Disaster Risk Reduction Strategy (2018-2030) and the National Post-Disaster Recovery Framework (2018-2030) is a strategy operationalized by the Strategic Sustainable Development Plan (PEDS). One of the seven priority areas in this Strategy is Disaster Preparedness and Response, which consists of four main measures
      1. Reinforcing capacities for the design and implementation of contingency plan
      2. Developing a multi-hazard early warning system
      3. Reinforcing technical operational capacities for response
      4. Raising public awareness of risks