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Long-term development vision:  

Long-term development plan called "Congo Vision 2048"

  • Priorities include a liberal and participatory democracy; an efficient and accountable administration at the service of the population; fair justice; assured security and guaranteed national integrity; effective decentralization; an economic environment conducive to inclusive and diversified growth.
  • Additional assets conveyed by “Vision 2048” are also: a diversified and integrated economy; a structural transformation of the economy; a stable and harmonious family; access for all to quality basic social services; a level of residual poverty and illiteracy; a level of unemployment and residual underemployment; guaranteed social protection for all; training adapted to the needs of the nation; a nation guaranteeing equity between women and men in access to electoral mandates and decision-making; the inclusion of disadvantaged and vulnerable populations and the resilience of populations to disasters.



Medium-term development plan:  

National Development Plan 2018-2022


  • strengthening governance; 
  • strengthening and developing human resources 
  • diversification and transformation of the economy 
  • development and modernization of infrastructure;
  • social development and inclusion of disadvantaged 
  • social development and inclusion of disadvantaged groups; 
  • sustainable and balanced development.


National Development Plan 2022 – 2026 (under development)

  • The new National Development Plan (Pnd) 2022-2026 will consist of six fundamental axes within the framework of the diversification of the Congolese economy, announced, on September 21 in Brazzaville, the Minister of Economy, Planning, statistics and regional integration, Ms. Ingrid Olga Ghislaine Ebouka-Babackas.
  • Priorities: agriculture, tourism, industrial development, in which are included Special Economic Zones (Zes); the development of the digital economy, the promotion of real estate and commercial free zones.


Pluriannual Programme of Priorities Action



Other development plans: 

Resilient Plan for food crises 2021 - 2022


National Sustainable Development Strategy (2016 – 2025)

  • Objectives: (i) strengthen the legal and institutional framework of the sector; (ii) develop production forests; (iii) economically enhance the timber industry; (iv) reforest and regenerate forest resources; (v) conserve biodiversity by developing wildlife and protected areas.


National policy of decentralization and local development (PONADDL)

  • Priorities: Decentralisation and Local Development
  • Within the framework of the NDP 2018-2022 and the March Toward Development 2018-2021 documents, a series of sectoral policies have been developed to align strategic actions and development needs of the country, including (but not limited to):
  • National Agricultural Development Plan (PNDA) 2018-2022
  • National Gender Policy (PNG)
  • National Health Development Strategy 2018-2022
  • National strategy of the environmental protection sub-sector
  • National Social Action Plan (PNAS) 2018-2022