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The Global Partnership hosted the 21st meeting of its Steering Committee on 7-8 July 2021.


H.E. Ambassador Thomas Gass, Assistant Director General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (Switzerland), welcomed members and noted that the pandemic has put a spotlight on the importance of leaving no one behind, as enshrined in the 2030 Agenda. H.E. Amb. Gass asked members to reflect on the role the Partnership can play in building forward better and supporting the realisation of the SDGs.


H.E. Mr. Christian Mwando Nsimba, Minister of Planning (DR Congo), addressed the Committee for the first time as new Co-chair. Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19, the Minister highlighted the importance of effective financing for health systems in partner countries. The Minister encouraged greater coordination among development partners at country level, and collective action to support transparency and accountability. He encouraged members to work together to use the next High-Level Meeting to put the Global Partnership at the heart of efforts to achieve the SDGs.


Ms. Fatima Yasmin, Secretary of the Economic Relations Division in the Ministry of Finance (Bangladesh), representing H.E. Mr. Mustafa Kamal, Minister of Finance, reminded members that the recovery from the pandemic is still some way off, with many countries facing new ‘waves’ of the pandemic. Against this background, the Global Partnership should support principles-based and evidence-led action to improve partnerships on the ground and leave no one behind. Ms Yasmin invited members to consider how to mobilise political engagement in the lead up to the next High-Level Meeting, especially recipients of development co-operation.


Mr. Vitalice Meja, Executive Director of Reality of Aid Africa (Non-executive Co-chair), stressed that development effectiveness should become the norm and not a choice in the post-pandemic world. Effectiveness should be the guiding framework through which countries address the challenges of the pandemic and the future beyond the current crisis. He encouraged members to think about using the next High-Level Meeting as a milestone to improve their programmes and projects and, ultimately, people’s lives.

Please find attached a summary on the meeting. For key documents used during the meeting, please refer to the event page here