Development co-operation policy:


  • Overall aim: Directing the management of international cooperation that Colombia grants and receives towards its development priorities, responding to the country's challenges and opportunities on the international stage, with a view to strengthening its geostrategic positioning.


  • Key objectives:
  • Expanding the vision of national and territorial entities, facing the scope and trends of international cooperation for development
  • Strengthening the management of international cooperation for development in national and territorial entities, under a focus on results, innovation and sustainability.
  • Promoting the positioning of Colombia as a supplier of South-South Cooperation (SSC) and Triangular Cooperation (TC), through effective participation in different spaces such as regional integration and consultation mechanisms, regional and bilateral cooperation programs, among others.
  • Implementing coordination mechanisms for international development cooperation and defining its governance at the national and territorial level.
  • Defining criteria for prioritization of demand and the offer of international cooperation for development at the national and territorial level.



Aid Information Management System (AIMS):



Development co-operation reports:



Development cooperation mechanisms:

MechanismLevel and actorsObjectives and related policies
Pacific Alliance 

National level

  • Government of Colombia
  • Governments of Chile, México and Perú

Economic and development initiative between four Latin American nations: Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru. The Alliance is a point of reference for business in the continent. 

Mixed Commission for Technical and scientific cooperation between the Dominican Republic and Colombia[SR1] 


National level

  • Government of Dominican Republic
  • Representatives the Presidential Agency for Cooperation of Colombia


High-level Commission between the government and Colombia for the technical cooperation.



National System of International Cooperation


National Level

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The National Planning Department
  • APC-Colombia
  • Public entities of the national and territorial order, cooperation partners, the private sector, philanthropy, academia and social organizations

International Level 

  • International organizations

Main mechanism for coordination and articulation of cooperation actors. 


The main objective of this mechanism is the management of non-reimbursable cooperation contributes to the achievement of the country's foreign policy objectives and is aligned with the development priorities of the national Government.