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A three-phase consultancy process has been designed with three objectives: 

a) to prepare a country document on the future of cooperation, based on a diagnosis of the situation, to facilitate the collective design of future scenarios and decision making in this regard, as well as the consolidation of the national international cooperation system (SNCI, for its acronym in Spanish);

b) develop a process of consultation and participation with the relevant actors of the SNCI, which will feed and provide feedback to the diagnosis and the aforementioned document; 

c) present the first results, together with a characterization of the international cooperation and aid system, as an input for the socialization of the results and the debate of the roles of the actors on the occasion of the X Meeting of the SNCI (October 1-2, 2013).


The three phases of the process, which took place between August and November 2013, are:

a. Desk and office phase (analysis of documentation; self-assessment and internal evaluations; methodological and conceptual discussions).

b. Consultation, dialogue, and participation phase (perceptive performance questionnaire; questionnaire to be answered by territorial stakeholders/Departmental Committees; Dialogue Tables; in-depth interviews).

c. Socialization and validation phase, prior to the conclusion of the final document.