Engagement of indigenous peoples in the accelerating of COVID-19’s response through IPGFforSD (indigenous peoples' Global platform)

This a presentation that we indigenous peoples of Africa and other ones of the part of the world even if we are recognized by the UN Declaration on the rights of indigenous peoples[1] as human being, we face at COVID-19' s negative impact.

The indigenous peoples have many issues as they cannot have a capacity to overcome this pandemic of COVID-19 due to their extreme poverty[2] and other barriers of discrimination and marginalization in the world.

According to this COVID-19, all national and international consultations to control this pandemic have been doing without involving the indigenous peoples in the process of the COVID’s response. In the different corner of the world many indigenous peoples are about losing their lives and other suffering with hunger according to some information we give one other through the network of communication from, for instance, Cameroon, Equator, Rwanda, DR CONGO, Uganda, Russia, Botswana, South Africa, Nigeria, Burundi etc.

Our means to stop and/ or to prevent this pandemic are limited in the indigenous peoples. The reason is that they do not have the sufficient materials which are necessary for hygiene. During the confinement or shutdown taken by several countries, these groups of population are victims of hunger because their lifestyle and living conditions are linked to the lands rights and natural resources of environment where they have currently no access to gain their life.

As indigenous peoples have the specific problems which are different from other groups of society in Africa and in the world, we urge the international community to:

  1. Plan a new mechanism involving indigenous peoples in the all national and international process of consultation relative to the COVID-19’s response to control this pandemic
  2. Support urgently indigenous peoples in food security, materials like disinfectant products together with other materials as  soaps, buckets etc. to fight against COVID-19
  3. Create urgent funds specific to the indigenous peoples for a sensitization 



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Global Coordination

Email: ipgfforsd.coordination@gmail.com


[1] https://www.un.org/development/desa/indigenouspeoples/wp-content/uploads/sites/19/2018/11/UNDRIP_E_web.pdf

[2] http://siteresources.worldbank.org/EXTINDPEOPLE/Resources/407801-1271860301656/full_report.pdf