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The Lao PDR – UN Partnership Framework (UNPF) is an articulation of
the shared commitment of UN Country Team to work together as one,
to maximize its resources and contributions in the best interests of the
people of Lao PDR.

The success of the UNPF will be measured by Lao PDR’s progress towards
the graduation from Least Developed Country status and the achievement
of the Sustainable Development Goals with equity.

The foundation for the realization of the UNPF is supported by three pillars:

  1. Inclusive Growth, Livelihoods and Resilience;
  2. Human Development; and
  3. Governance, Rule of Law and Participation in National Decision-Making.

The UN presence and capacity is focused to provide high-level advice
to improve the quality of public policy, strengthen the efficiency of
governance and management systems, support data-driven real time
evidence for better programming and policy, and facilitate innovation
and gender in public policy and programming.