This report gathers knowledge and recommendations from the Inclusive SDG Data Partnerships initiative. The initiative is co organised by Partners for Review (P4R/GIZ), the Danish Institute for Human Rights (DIHR), and the International Civil Society Centre (ICSC). The first phase of this initiative took shape in a five month process bringing together key stakeholders from six countries for a series of international peer exchanges, virtual workshops, and coaching sessions.

This initiative’s purpose is to advance data partnerships for the SDGs and to strengthen multi actor data ecosystems at the national level. The goal is to meet the SDG data challenge by improving the use of alternative data sources, particularly data produced by civil society and human rights institutions, and complementary to official statistics. This report aims to capture and share the key lessons learned from the first part of the initiative, which took place between October 2020 and March 2021.

The initiative gathered and shared knowledge from existing experience in four specific areas of relevance for inclusive data partnerships:

1) Identifying data gaps at the national level and mapping alternative data sources

2) Identifying and engaging key stakeholders for joint data action on an equal footing

3) Understanding non-official data and its role

4) Developing a roadmap to bring data partnerships to life