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OECD-DAC Workshop on ‘getting the best from the Global Partnership’

GPEDC • 14 August 2013 EN
Uploaded by GPEDC • 22 June 2020

On 10 July, the OECD DAC and the UK jointly organised a workshop for DAC members – both those based in Paris and from capitals – to input into the latest Global Partnership activities at international level, and encourage them to take action on the ground in recipient countries to improve development effectiveness.

DAC members came out of the meeting feeling more engaged, having broadly endorsed the co-chairs’ “political vision” for the Partnership’s inaugural meeting next year, and calling for the Partnership to make stronger links to a post-2015 framework, including by working closely with the UN Development Cooperation Forum. Members called for recipient countries priorities and non-governmental actors to feature heavily in the inaugural meeting (demonstrating its inclusive nature), and for building blocks to actively contribute where relevant.

DAC members committed to support the Partnership by helping stimulate and record change at the country level through case studies and helping with data collection, and by providing greater resources to UNDP and other coordinating partners. They will keep track of these action points through a standing agenda item in monthly DAC meetings.