The main programs of the National Government's Plan are focused on meeting the immediate needs of the population, taking advantage of the country's economic growth and the income generated by the Panama Canal, to ensure that Panamanians enjoy a better quality of life and that future generations will enjoy a better education, security and health that will allow them to enter the labor market competing for better salaries.


The strategic plan is based on the following five pillars:

1. reduction of the high cost of living by putting an end to speculation;

2. basic sanitation, which translates into 100% potable water and zero latrines;

3. security in the neighborhoods with a firm hand;

4. access to first world education for all Panamanians; and

5. transform the country's public health system.


The vision of the Government Plan is to put the country's wealth at the service of all Panamanians with equity and transparency, supporting the private sector and foreign investment, to improve the quality of life of all Panamanians and that the Panama that grows, grows for all, equitably.