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With the Universal Declaration of Human Rights being a constitutional norm since 1979, Peru's commitment to the Millennium Declaration to achieve development and the Goals to eradicate poverty, it is necessary, as decided by the National Agreement, to have a Strategic Plan that will turn us into a developed, democratic and socially cohesive country.

Democratic progress combines the discourse of freedom with the discourse of well-being, and the need to specify the axes of strategic development has become part of the public agenda.


This document defines six strategic axes:

(i) fundamental rights and dignity;

(ii) opportunities and access to services;

(iii) state and governance;

(iv) economy, competitiveness and employment;

(v) regional development and infrastructure; and

(vi) natural resources and environment.


The Bicentennial Plan proposes general and specific objectives, specifies indicators for progressing towards the goals set, and proposes strategic programs. Once enacted, decisive progress will be made in the formation of the National System for Strategic Planning (SINAPLAN). This will articulate the Plan with the financial instruments so that the strategic programs begin to be provided in the general budget of the Republic. Then, the medium-term plans and multi-sectoral plans will be designed, in coordination with regional and municipal plans.