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The Republic of Korea’s Mandatory Quota Policy and Training to Promote Employment of People with Disabilities

Global Delivery Initiative • 31 August 2021
Uploaded by Global Delivery Initiative • 31 August 2021

Authors: Dr. Younghwan Jun, Dr. Eona Kim, Dr. Young-Hyeon Nam, Dr. Min-Su Byeon, and Dr. WonHo Kim; adaptation by Yongjin Lee

This case study (and a delivery note adapted from the case study) examine how the Republic of Korea tackled an important development challenge: designing and implementing an effective and sustainable policy to promote the employment of people with disabilities. Labor force participation was considerably lower among people with disabilities than among the general population. In 1990, policy makers passed the Promotion, Etc. of Employment of Disabled Persons Act in response to growing public attention to this issue. Following the passage of the act, the policy was repeatedly adapted to enable more effective implementation.