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The UNDAF 2019 - 2023 is the consolidated response of the United Nations system to the sustainable development challenges of Senegal identified during the strategic planning workshop. The UNDAF 2019-2023, based on the Common Country Assessment, is based on the Senegal Emerging Plan 2035 through its Priority Action Plan 2019 - 2023 and on the Senegal Country Team's Vision 2030. It constitutes the reference planning framework for humanitarian and development interventions of the United Nations system in Senegal for the period 2019-2023.


Three strategic areas of cooperation have been defined in the 2019-2023 UNDAF and approved by all national actors and development partners:

◆ Creating opportunities for inclusive and sustainable economic growth;

◆ The improvement of the access of populations (men and women) particularly the most vulnerable to quality basic social services and social protection;

◆ The reinforcement of the progress of inclusive governance and a rule of law.