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The guidelines presented in this document are aimed primarily at providing spending agency officials (especially accounting officers, chief financial officers and other financial managers, project managers and sectoral/provincial ODA co-ordinators) with a coherent, comprehensive and user-friendly set of policy and procedural guidelines for accessing and managing ODA effectively and efficiently, in pursuit of Government’s reconstruction and development objectives. They are also intended to contribute meaningfully to the ongoing discussions with the international donor community on how best to achieve optimal impact with limited ODA resources.

The first part of the document (Chapters 2, 3 and 4) deals with the overall policy
and legislative framework for ODA and outlines the overall ODA management
system. Subsequent chapters deal with each of the process steps involved in the
management of ODA. These chapters are structured to provide information on
the key outcomes of these processes, procedures to be followed, policy and/or
legislative considerations, as well as particular issues that need to be addressed
as part of these processes.