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Through this MTSF 2019-2024, government commits to making a difference in the lives of ordinary South Africans during the sixth
administration, setting us on a new trajectory for the next 25 years of democracy in growing South Africa together.

The MTSF 2019-2024 is built on three foundational pillars: a strong and
inclusive economy, capable South Africans and a capable developmental
state. We need to rebuild and restore public confidence in South Africa in
these areas through catalysing development opportunities and removing
structural impediments to equality, opportunity and freedom. We need to
move with speed as we focus on planning and implementation. It is the era
of Khawuleza.

The Sixth Administration has prioritised integrated development planning
and effective implementation of the interventions laid out in the MTSF.
With the framework laid out here, South Africa has a plan to make tangible
progress in realising its transformative NDP Vision 2030.