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Development co-operation policies:   

Joint Assistance Strategy for Zambia II (JASZ II) (2011 – 2015)

The five-year strategy aims to facilitate effective aid delivery to support the following outcomes: 

1. Economic growth and diversification  
2. (Rural) poverty and inequality 
3. Human development 
4. High-quality and cost-effective public services 

By the end of the five years, JASZ II shall contribute to the strengthened capacity of the national government to lead on prioritization and use of Official Development Assistance, alignment of Cooperating Partners’ support to the national strategies, more effective and harmonized aid delivery, and improved mutual accountability. 


Aid Information Management System (AIMS):  N.A. 


Development co-operation reports: N.A. 


Development cooperation mechanisms:   


Level and Actors 

Objectives and Related Policies 

Sector Advisory Groups (SAGs) 

National Level 

  • National Government (the Ministry of Finance and National Planning)
  • Non-state actors (private sector, CSOs. Philanthropic organizations involvement based on relevance to the sector)
  • Cooperating partners (official donors members of JASZ II, participation of non-members depends on how well the sectoral coordination mechanism functions and area of intervention)
Main fora for dialogue at sectoral level. Involved stakeholders meet  quarterly to discuss technical issues 
Dialogue on cross-cutting issues 

National level 

  • National Government
  • Cooperating partners (Members of JASZ II)

Dialogue aims to review aid effectiveness and track progress on a JASZ II work plan. 

It comprises four fora: 

  • Poverty Reduction Budget Support review group
  • Public Financial Management group
  • Joint M&E Statistics group
  • Mutual Accountability group
High-level Dialogue 

National level 

  • National Government
  • Local Government Representatives
  • Cooperating Partners Group (CPG) Troika

The dialogue takes the form of: 

  • Monthly discussions between the Secretary of Treasury and the CPG Troika on aid effectiveness issues
  • An annual High-Level Policy Dialogue
  • An Annual Poverty/Sector Advisory Group Conference, which includes local government representatives