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Development co-operation policy:

Cook Islands Development Partner Policy

  • Vision: to build trust and confidence in relationships between government and development partners, enabling them to efficiently and effectively work together in a transparent manner to deliver sustainable development outcomes consistent with the country's aspirations
  • Objectives
    1. Engagement, international development partners, domestic development partners
    2. Coordination
    3. Alignment
    4. Implementation - Delivering development outcomes
    5. Reporting and evaluation
    6. Development partner strategy

Civil Society Partnership Policy


Aid Information Management System (AIMS): 



Development co-operation reports: 

ODA Annual Financial Report - 30th June 2017


Development cooperation mechanisms: 

MechanismLevel and ActorsObjectives and Related Policies
National Sustainable Development Commission (NSDC) or Infrastructure Committee

National level

  • Governments (Ministry of Finance and Economic Management)
  • Development partners

In order to streamline alignment and public accountability for the utilisation and impact of official development resources, the Ministry of Finance and Economic Management will channel all total official support for development to the Cook Islands.

All proposals for utilisation of development funding will be submitted to the NSDC for approval and risk rating.