Declaration of Independence

Christopher Cloos
Christopher Cloos • 21 September 2023

Post an analysis of the democratic concept or principle represented in the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution you selected for this Discussion and an explanation of why you selected it. Explain how the concept or principle might be used by a Supreme Court justice in a modern-day Supreme Court case to adjudicate a current conflict. Use the M-E-A-L plan to structure paragraphs.
To a great extent, the principle of natural rights, as specified in the Declaration of Human Rights, is one of the most fundamental aspects of justice in the USA and beyond its borders. This democratic statement grants the basic rights of a human being as a way to maintain equality and fairness for any person in society.
Main Idea
In this regard, a set of rights are entitled to a person as a virtue of being a human, eventually making all people equal. Although equality is linked to another principle in the Declaration, the principle considered in the paper particularly emphasizes on the inborn character of the privileges assigned to a person through the lens of the natural law rather than social status or other factors.
Specifically, the Declaration enlists these inalienable rights as “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” while the actual list of natural rights can be expanded. None of these rights can be taken away from any human by the government, although every person should respect the other's natural rights to create a just and fair society as a whole.
With this approach, equality and equity can be ensured for every individual in terms of both granting and non-interfering their basic rights. In particular, in case each human being is able to pursue their right to life, liberty and happiness while allowing others in society the same privilege.
Link to Topic
Referring to this principle can be valuable for the Supreme Court when evaluating in quality custom essays an acute problem of allowing euthanasia for terminally ill patients, for example. Indeed, when a person whose life is preserved through artificial means cannot freely pursue their rights to life, make their own decisions freely and thus have a chance to pursue happiness, similarly to any other healthy individual, euthanasia can be justified.
To conclude, the natural rights is a fundamental principle of the Declaration that can grant the equal and fair treatment to everyone in the just society.

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