The Global Partnership hosted its first webinar on Effectiveness in Action: Current Perspective on Partnerships, Challenges & Solutions at Country Level. Partner countries shared their experiences and lessons learned around partnerships that work during COVID. 

Please find here the key messages. To watch the full webinar, please click here

While we ran out of time to discuss all questions from the floor, we did want to share with you all the questions put to the panel. It gives everyone a sense of some of the themes and ideas emerging, and also where there may already be links to the Global Partnership’s 2020-22 Work Programme.  


We would like to hear from you! What topic(s) related to effective development co-operation would you like to discuss at the next webinar? Help inform the next Global Partnership webinar by signing up to the Knowledge Platform and responding in 'comments' below by 4 DECEMBER!



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Ivan Somlai
Ivan Somlai

My concern: while I have never worked FOR the UN, I have had several and sometimes intense interactions WITH the UN over a span of 30 years. The particular experiences had been in the sectors of conflict (insurgency) and disaster (flooding, humanitarian intervention).

My suggestion for future discussions:

"Fundamental considerations by the UN regarding its intervention in conflicts and disasters." From my perspective, over and above any internal UN resolutions and commitments relating generally to those two sectors, I have found serious deficiencies in the deputation of experts and other staff. People under the UN auspices had been too unfamiliar with the ground situation to be able to offer contextually relebant advice;  people seemingly converant with UN practices failed, through personal or organizational weakness, to be able to find and apply lessons from pervious similar circumstances to a new context. 


We are indigenous peoples gathered in the international platform called " Indigenous Peoples Global Forum for Sustainable Development, IPGFforSD in acronym. I thank you very much for your webinar. I appreciate how the partnership will allow many stakeholders, indigenous peoples included. I thank you also how you have provided a video to follow it after because some of them have no access to  internet.

The purpose of our communication is that we need you the create the section or mechanism involving the participation of indigenous peoples as stakeholder who can contribute to the issues that concern them. This people are discriminated in the many questions at international, regional and national level. That why we highlight this policy of setting up our section that can resolve the problem of indigenous peoples where  you could provide a consultant and fund for that matter. We say that because for the beginning of the SDGs we do not see the indicators of indigenous peoples development to improve their lives conditions. About COVID-19' s impact which threats the lifestyle and livelihood of indigenous peoples, we need also your support through out your partners. Many thanks in advance.  

We attach our statement on COVID-19 and the its impact on indigenous peoples.  

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